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Thursday, February 2, 2017

What's Saving My Life Right Now

1. Getting Outside: I track my outside exercise miles in the Map My Run App, and January/February are notoriously low mileage months.  But this January?  I was right up there with my monthly average of 100 miles.  It's been warmer than usual, even if quite gray.  So forcing myself outdoors while it's still light out has worked wonders so far this winter.  I'm already noticing that the light is lasting longer and the tangible promise of spring is encouraging.

2. Spice Jar Labels: This seems so minor, but it is a huge lifesaver for me.  For years I have lifted the jars while trying to add just the right spice to a recipe at just the right moment.  I mumbled every single time.  Finally, I did something about it and ordered labels to make my life easier.  I haven't applied them all and can't wait to complete the task.  Perhaps I'll bite the bullet and order the uniform jars, too!

3. Glovies from the Hubby: Even though it has been a warmer winter, my hands still get ultra cold and dry when I'm outdoors each day.  My Santa put these cuties in my stocking this year and I just love that they are warm yet allow me to use my iphone apps.  Double score for Mr. Wonderful.

4. Budget and Planning: February is a month of some serious payments due: property tax, loan payoff, new tires and insurance premiums.  I hate the massive outflow of cash-on-hand, but I'm thankful we planned ahead and aren't blindsided.  We are mostly prepared, even if we do have to be especially frugal in the fun department this month.  I can see why people opt to live without vehicles, they are seriously expensive to own and operate.

5. Treating the eczema with the "hard stuff:" The past several years have been blissfully mild ones for my ongoing eczema issues.  But in December I had a flare-up that has persisted.  I try to avoid the harsh steroids, when I can, but by January I was done playing nice.  I used all three prescriptions and beat that rash back.  It is a persistent plague and I still have spots but I'm not suffering like I was. Also, I began using Aveeno Eczema Therapy all over after my showers.  So far, no more outbreaks, which is totally saving my life.

6. Chick Fil A Night and "Make Your Own" in Meal Planning:  Meal planning has long been one of the only ways I survive each week feeding our large, blended family.  Now I plan for flexibility with a couple of nights off for myself.  They are labeled on our Meal Plan and are self explanatory, I think.

8. Texting with the Girlfriends: I've embraced the group text and the jolt of intimacy/laughter/camaraderie is perfection.  I have the best friends!

9. Finally, my sister has always snickered at the way I avoid washing my hair until absolutely necessary.  For Christmas, she gifted me with a dry shampoo and it has made my life even easier plus I feel even less pressure to wash, dry and style every time I shower.  Thank you, Mindy!

This post was inspired by Modern Mrs. Darcy and I'm linking up with others there.  Check it out to see what could be saving Your life right now.

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