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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Big Secret is That the Forties are Fabulous!

I never dreaded my forties, but I didn't know that I was supposed to look forward to them either.  For anyone who hasn't hit this age yet, the big secret is that the forties are fabulous!

Of course I deal with the normal aging issues: my knees crackle and ache, heels are no longer and all-day option, yet I'm healthy and strong.  My waist is thicker and my skin less youthful, but I smile more than ever.  I am comfortable in my own skin.  I enjoy deep, quality relationships that involve give and take.

I know myself better than ever, and I know what I need, what I like and what doesn't work for me.  Plus, I'm not afraid to speak up about those things.  I am happier and more content in my life than ever, I think.  I don't say that to gloat or rub-it-in-your face or one-up anyone.  I'm just truly happy, and recognizing it amplifies the feeling.  Here is what I note about myself this year:
  • I am confident in God's over-arching care of me, no longer
    driven to perform for approval but able to rest and act in confidence that He has my best interest in mind (even when I don't understand at a particular moment).
  • I'm loved and respected by a true partner in life.  I fully trust Mr. Wonderful and knows he desires the best for me and my children.
  • I get to be the primary parent to three fabulous children.  I have a role in the lives of two step daughters that we continue to work out and define.  I am confident of my place in these lives.
  • Every physical need is supplied and so many of my wishes, too.  We are healthy and I am aware this is a gift that we may not always enjoy.
  • My extended family is far away and that sometimes makes me sad.  Yet I recognize that we have wonderful relationships and history.  I know not everyone enjoys close relationships and I'm so grateful that we all make the effort to remain connected.
  • My best friends are also far away in location, but close in heart and are seriously the highest quality women that I know!  We have adapted to our cross-country friendships and manage to remain involved and active in each others' lives.
  • The stress levels in my daily life are fairly low.  This is an ENORMOUS gift! 
  • All but one of my children can do their laundry from washer, to dryer, to folded and put away.  This is seriously one of the best gifts of the year!
 Birthdays happen every year and while I don't love everything about getting older, I really am in love with this season of life!  I've been working on those goals I make every year...kind of like my "New Year's Resolutions," and I'll share those soon.  

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