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Monday, January 8, 2018

A Luxuriously Slow Start

Anything that happens slowly is a luxury since our world is so driven and focused and rushed.  2018 has come quietly for me, and I'm so thankful.  We arrived from visiting our Midwestern family on New Year's Eve and welcomed the New Year with simple games and togetherness.  Slowly I've taken down our Christmas decor and settled back into routine at my work.  None of our children have yet returned to school, so lazy days, long meals and lingering time are the standard of our days.  It's a privilege to take things easy.

I'm reading and noting in my journal the things that are working in life right now, and the things that are not.  These thoughts help me make changes, adjust perspective and shape goals.  For me, my re-set takes place around the time of my birthday in February, so these weeks of January are for taking time to prioritize, dream, plan and ask questions. 

The cold has been paralyzing, but it's given me time to turn inward and for now it is good.  How has 2018 begun for you? 

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