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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Give Your Future A Chance

Sometimes I feel stuck, and blah and just unmotivated.  January is often one of those time - the holiday aftermath, cleanup and indulgences leave my budget and my body feeling depleted. Often I feel disappointed, looking at goals I made at my last birthday and seeing that they will not be accomplished by the time my age ticks up another year in February.  I look at the lovely blank calendar, then feel sucker-punched by they days I don't get to spend with my children.  It's easy to turn inward and melancholy, and often I do just that.

By doing so, I am acting defeated before the game even begins!  I have enough faith to know that I can't see the whole picture and that there are things I cannot see or control that are waiting to come forward at just the right time.  I have experienced this many times in my life.  In fact, the longer I live, the more history I have of God pulling a trump card when the outlook seems most dire.
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If you find yourself feeling this way today (or any ole' day), I encourage you to give your future a chance.  Don't write off your hopes or dreams, or even just daily joy because things are working out or feeling perfect today.  I started this blog because life was so far from perfect that I needed to learn how to be alright with that.  It's not something you learn once, but keep learning throughout a lifetime.  There may be a season where it feels like everything is clicking into place, but that is rare and certain to be interrupted. 

Seek contentment and gratitude.  Count your blessings and embrace the real-ness of living each day.  I'm doing it!

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