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Friday, May 25, 2018

Proud Mom Moment

(That's him in the middle.)
This week, I attended "Awards Day" at the elementary school.  My little guy earned zero academic awards.  He didn't get a sports trophy or win the art contest.  The "Singing Eagle" award didn't appeal to his skill set.  He got a certificate of citizenship for good behavior, along with all the others who didn't get suspended, but he wasn't really honored in any tangible way.

I noticed how so many of his peers gather around him.  He is well-liked and a wonderful class mate.  His teacher knows he will follow instructions and participate in class.  He is kind, dependable, respectful and responsible.  I was so touched to read the notes left in his class memory book.  Yes, he was voted "best dressed" because of his propensity to dressing with style, but so many also said he was a good friend, a good listener and someone they can talk with.

I could not be more proud of my son.  I love him exactly the way he is today and wish I could freeze time at this age.  He has one more year of elementary school and I'm trying to savor it as the season slips away.  Until then, bring on the summer days!
Because he likes to dress nice.

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