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Monday, September 12, 2011

I used to be a Career Woman

Long ago and even quite far away, I graduated college with a full time job waiting and entered the world of working women.  I felt nothing but optimism as my life began with a fun career in my field of study and lots of rapid advancement.  Soon I married and began to hope for a family and to that end determined to orient my life around my spouse as provider and myself as home manager.  When we relocated south, I took a part time job to make ends meet, but not part of a career path.  When the babies did arrive, I backed off even more and began working just a bit to make some wiggle room in the family budget.  While my employer has graciously increased my hours, I'm still at that same job.  There is no path for advancement and I'm not sure what steps to consider for my future.

I'm very thankful for the job that I have.  Because I've been there 6+ years, I have a degree of flexibility which is a huge blessing.  But I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.  There is no opportunity to increase my income and I would prefer to work with people more than I do now.  In two years my youngest will begin kindergarten and that means that increasing my work load will no longer increase my childcare costs.

I don't even know where to begin thinking about entering a career path again.  I've been out of my field of study for so long, and with the rise of the internet and social marketing, I'm not sure I could compete any longer!  I have few connections to my former life and am limited by location.  So what's a girl to do?

This is what I'm thinking about:

  1. Share with my friends about my need to become more career-minded.  I can think of a couple who work in Marketing and PR that may be helpful should I re-enter that field.  
  2. Network more.  I guess I need to put myself 'out there' and expose myself to others who could help me one day.
  3. Do I need more education?  Should I speak with a career coach?  That all seems so far-fetched?
I feel pretty stumped in this department.  Does anyone have experience with a midlife career change?  Does anyone have recommendations for a flexible career with good income potential that is 'Mommy-friendly?'  Do share!


  1. I thought I was in a dead-end job, too, but it turned out I got promoted after all! Definitely keep talking to people, get ideas, see if your company will reimburse education costs, and see where it leads. (Oh, and be mindful that even without child care costs, there will still be plenty of outlay. My budget line items may have changed here and there, but the overall spending has not.)

  2. I have recently discovered your blog and gone back to read your early posts -- my heart was aching for you. Tonight I read a short article that made me think of you:

    God bless you on your journey!