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Monday, May 7, 2012

Moody Monday: What I Really Meant to Say

My sweet firstborn has a birthday tomorrow.  I've noticed several little signs of his maturity lately and I'm so proud of him.  Last week, I received notice from his principal that he was spelling an inappropriate word: Shxx.  I was shocked, a bit taken back and very surprised.  I wanted to shake his little shoulders and say, "Where did you hear that?  It's a naughty word and you are in BIG trouble.!"  But really, I was more confused and I didn't want him to be sneaky about these kinds of things in the future.  He didn't tell me about the incident, I learned from the notice in his backpack.

So, at bedtime, I explained that I had read the note from his principal and I knew he had said something inappropriate.  I asked him to tell me about it - he was very hesitant.  He thought he was going to be in trouble.  I assured him that he could tell me anything and asked him again to explain.  He said he knew it was a bad word, and that is why he was spelling it to his friend.  "What does that mean, Mommy."  I was very matter-of-fact and explained that it was another word for horse poop.  "Why is that bad?"  I tried to convey that when people use that word, it is because they are angry or mean, and if he uses it others will think he is angry or mean.  I said it was very inappropriate and that now he knows and will be punished if he uses it again.

He said he heard the word from a neighborhood friend, so I called that mother just to let her know.  She wasn't surprised and was dealing with corrections from her second-grade guy, too.  I hope my son will be able to ask me about any new words he hears, I'm sure this won't be the last.

We are so close to the end of the school year that I can taste the freedom of a relaxed schedule and all three of my little ones having the same schedule for a couple of months!  Our local park splash pads opened over the weekend and we enjoyed lots of outdoor play, sunshine and water.  It was a taste of summertime! 

Does your schedule change in the summer?  What signals summer is here to your family?

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  1. Oh this is so similar to what I dealt with this weekend. My youngest 6 decided to repeat a word I have used (drops head in shame) crap. She told her sister her room looked like crap... Then she proceeded to write it on her hand and show people. We had an almost identical conversation too.