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Friday, May 4, 2012

Girl Talk

I have a rich group of friends who live nearby and we gather at least once a month for simple fun like dinner or a movie.  I enjoy relationships at church, too, through small group and my single moms class.   And this week, I’ve got some issues that need female help.
#1 – I am in the middle of a serious hair crisis!  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I felt like I fried my hair with the at-home keratin treatment.  Things have not gotten better.  My hair has breakage for at least three inches, the texture is brittle and dry, the color has lightened to a bleached out non-color ick.  I need help!  I’ve been trying to grow out my hair and it is just past my shoulders … do I have to cut it off and start over?
#2 – I am going to the beach in six weeks.  SIX WEEKS!  What does one need for a week at the beach, with a boyfriend and family?  What can I do to look 10 pounds lighter? 
#3 – I need to purge my closets and corners.  Any good tips that don’t involve a garage sale?
#4 - Do you have a favorite color for toe nail polish?  I think this is pretty fun!
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My weekend is full!  I have a date tonight, shopping tomorrow, clean-up for house showing on Sunday plus all the normal activities of a household with three children.  I’m getting used to our new parenting schedule, though, which feels nice.  Next week I have a birthday boy! 


  1. Re:#3 You have the cutest clothes! Before you yardsale them or whatever...I might buy some from you ;)

  2. 1) I'm not an expert on hair, far from it but it seems like you may have to go to the hairdresser. I know you want to grow your hair long, but if you are just growing out the damaged hair, it will have to be cut off at some stage.
    3) I really enjoy doing a big clean out of my wardrobe and actually found a clothes donation shop that pays you 5euro per bag. I feel good about passing down my things and also make a bit of cash.
    4) I absolutely adore your nails!! how did you do them???

  3. The nail color you featured is wonderful. What kind is it?

    As for your concerns here are a couple of tips. For the clothes and items you would like to get rid of, you can get them all together and donate them. If large items or furniture is involved, Salvation Army will come and pick it all up from your house! If it is just clothes, you can drop them off with them or you can take your clothes down to a consignment shop in your area or thrift store. They most likely will not take everything but you may make a little money that way.

    10 pounds lighter??? Jergens makes a great lotion that can be found at the drugstore. It is a self tanning lotion and will get you glowing if you buy some soon and apply every day. This helps. You can also lay off carbonated drinks in the meantime, increase your water intake (add some lemon) to save yourself from any bloating. You mentioned a boyfriend and family though so I'm sure these people already love you very much and think you are pretty hot as is. The best thing you can do is throw caution to the wind, and show off that gorgeous smile and carefree attitude. Fun and fearless is the sexiest tip for anyone. :)

    About the hair thing, I have never done a Keratin treatment but when I used to dye my hair a lot I ended up with really damaged tresses. I highly recommend Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo and conditioner. This can be found at the drugstore, it is very nicely priced, smells great, and feels amazing!!

    Hope this helps, have a great time at the beach!