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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Functions & Togetherness

Right in the middle of the moving buzz, we have some family events happening.  My original plan was to travel to the Midwest for Thanksgiving to be with our extended family.  It is always so fun when all the cousins get to be together!  Now we are moving within a week of that day...I just don't know if I can do both! 
The problem is that if I don't go for a visit then, I don't know when I'll be able to make the trip.
Also, the parents of Mr. Wonderful are coming to visit this weekend.  One of the clear purposes is for them to spend a bit of time with my children, and see how the families operate together.  I am just now getting comfortable with all seven of us together and not feeling like it is all chaotic.  Okay, just to be honest, sometimes it is chaotic and I'm just now learning to be alright with that.   I'm not sure if these newcomers will be alright with the beautiful mess that sometimes is our blending families. 

What I'm hearing myself say is that it makes me feel anxious and a bit insecure.  I need to get over that.  When I talk about it with Mr. Wonderful himself, he understands, but dogmatically says it won't matter, this is is how things are and will be.  He says the right things in the perfect way and brings logic to my emotion.  He gives me confidence and I'm grateful for that. 

He has asked for us to spend Thanksgiving together.  We both have our children for this holiday and it would be another step in the blending direction.  I think I'll try to schedule another date for us to visit the Midwest.  This is the direction that I want, to be with him, to be with our children ... together.

Of course, I think that means I have to cook a turkey.  And probably pie.  I'll update soon with a final decison.  Sheesh!


  1. It's scary for sure! The first time I met the Superhero's family, I thought I don't fit in here........but 17 years later, it seems I was wrong! We all love each other so much! Now was it easy.....ha! I have a theory on the blended family, but that's my own and you have to fine your own way in this. It does get messy at times and chaotic too, but then so do "unblended" families! Just relax and be the woman Mr. wonderful loves and all will be well!

  2. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety right now, and I have found this little book called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family." In chapter four it says to live in the moment. What it involves is putting less attention on worries, concerns, regrets, mistakes, "what's wrong," things yet to be done, things that bother you, the future, and the past. Live in the present. It's a wonderful theory, and I have had some success with it. I don't know why I am telling you this other than a need to help. I hope this helps!