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Friday, November 2, 2012

Moving On

It's about that time! 

I've signed a lease.  I've paid a deposit.  I've walked in our new home deciding where to place furniture, I've started selling what needs to be downsized.  We are leaving the only home the chidren have ever known. 

But they love the new place!  The boys are excited to be sharing a room, the kitchen is larger and they are convinced that carpet (old, used and blue) is better than hard wood flooring.  I've really had to keep my attitude in check to convey to my children that this is a great new adventure that we are choosing, not something sad happening to us. 

I'm grieving a bit as I pack the belongings and remember the hopes when we moved into this home.  Also, I shake my head and can't wait to walk away from the last shared reminder of those dashed dreams.  Except for the children.  They will always connect me with my ex. 

I'm very excited about the future, very much overwhelmed with the packing and decisions, and occassionaly sad or wistful about leaving what we've known and loved so well.  I will miss the familiarity of our neighbors and the convenience of our location.  But this move is a very intentional releasing of the past and looking to the future!