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Monday, January 14, 2013

Moody Monday - Thankful


The rain is coming down steadily and is forcast to come all day and night.  I miss my fireplace in our old home, it would be a perfect day for snuggling around that.  I miss the sense of home.  But I'm thankful for the direction our lives are headed.  I'm gloriously amazed at how easily the children have transitioned into a new home and seem to just love it!  I'm so thankful for a comfortable place that meets our needs.

Our commute to and from school is longer now, but after several weeks I've perfected the optimal window for heading we missed it by five minutes and that literally put us twenty minutes later to school.  That's right, the traffic, school zones and school drop-off line traffic change drastically if I miss that window.  But they made it to their classes in just the nick of time.  Just barely.  It's not always easy getting there, but I'm thankful that my children didn't have to switch schools in the middle of the year.  I'm thankful, too, that we will not always have to drive so far.

Today I have get to go grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping is a task that I do not enjoy.  However, I still remember the weeks, months where I truly didn't have the money to go to the grocery store, where every item was meticulously considered for value.  I don't have to pinch the pennies quite so tightly these days.  So, while the chore isn't my favorite, it really does help me to be grateful for the ability to purchase our needs and a home to bring them into. 

I'm thankful for warmth and friendships, the best family and the best babies, the most amazing reltionship and the extended connections that brings.  I'm happy and I'm thankful.  I am treasuring these days because I know that changes are already in the works for our's just the way life works. 

How is your week starting out?  Can you turn something you dislike into gratefulness?  I'm sharing about deciding to date again this week, I hope you'll check back!  I'd love to hear from you today ~


  1. Oh, I remember deciding to date after divorce. Be careful, I tended to choose bad guys for a while before God brought the Superhero into my life! I also remember grocery shopping with not much money. So glad things are easing up a little!

  2. You have come so far, Missy! My heart broke for you in those early days as you struggled with so many aspects of your changed life, but it seems that you are carefully finding your way, in your own time. Our lives are rarely as still and settled as we would like them to be, are they? Your beautiful children are growing so quickly, and they are learning grace and patience from you. I wish you a lovely day and a wonderful week!