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Monday, January 7, 2013

Moody Monday

Hi, friends ~ The sun is shining now and it's so much better than when I had to leave the house at zero dark thirty (that's anytime before the sun rises) to begin the school routine once more.  We had a full two and a half weeks of vacation time and we did use them well.  But back to schedule it is.

And I'm very much okay with that. 

So, a full week into the New Year and I'm ready to start all the 'begin-again' traditions...I'm eating well, I'm parenting with gentleness, I'm reading more and organizing.  I love it!  I'm also looking back a bit.

Today I was kind of amazed at all the ways my life has changed in five years.  Our pastor challenged us to consider what needed to be completely released before we could move onto what God has for us in the future.  Honestly, I could only think of two things which remain consistent. Gone are my family in the area, my home and community network, ministry and church, my husband, marriage and all the hopes/dreams/future plans tied up in that.  It's been a lot.  A very lot.  And again, I'm okay with it.  That is a miracle.  Even though I havestill moments of frustration, disappointment, grief, even, there is more joy, hope and fun.

But I see just a blurry vision of what God is putting together for me.  There will be more letting go, I'm sure.  I'm trying to remember to hold everything loosely, submitting to God's plan and not manipulating my own.  I know that I can trust Him!

This day, I'm not moody.  I'm a bit reflective, expectant.  I'm content and happy.  I'm so very grateful.

Tomorrow may be entirely different.  There are challenges in the days ahead and I don't pretend the next year will be an easy one.  But I think I'm up for it!  What about you?

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