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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mousketeering is Not For Me

I have an immense love for clear countertops.  Last week I randomly decided that the paper towel holder didn't really need to sit on TOP of the counter, and I placed it under the sink - easily within reach if needed but making more clear space.  Yay!

Stay Outside Little Mice!
The next morning, I was horrified to see that a critter had shredded much of that paper towel roll and it revealed that there was a mouse in the house.  Horror!  Years ago, in another state, I had a mouse problem...but they never ventured out of the attic.  So I haven't had to deal with this issue on my own.

I handled it the most mature way by donning latex gloves, tossing the (almost new) roll of paper towels, cleaning the under sink area, closing the cabinet doors and pretending I never saw what I knew was true.  Denial.  It haunts me.  I walked away from that cabinet and didn't intend to return.

Two days later, I heard a bit of rustle in a baggie of leftover cereal on the countertop.  That's right, there was something making a sound on the countertop which was no longer clear and clean, but cluttered with school papers and leftovers.  I heard it, but I didn't have time to investigate just then.  Books, bedtime, snuggles and nightlights were calling.  Later, as I was finally getting to the daily clearing of those counters...I was once again confronted with undeniable evidence that there was a mouse in the house.  And she had made several deposits on my unclear counter.  My kitchen counter!

I just knew she was stalking me at night.  She had probably used the shredding of my paper towels to line her nest which was now brimming with eager micelings ready to infiltrate every closet, cabinet, cubby and corner of our house.  I didn't sleep well and the next morning my first second stop was at Target where I purchased Tomcat bricks.  I put out the poison.  Lots of it, all around the kitchen cabinets, counters and floor. 

The children go to their father and I will abandon the kitchen for several days. Mr. Wonderful suggested live traps...I was not amused. 

Update: It took several days, but there has been no mouse sighting in exactly two days.  I no longer hesitate as I open the cabinet doors and I am not afraid to cook in the kitchen.  I'm sorry little mouse mama, my nest is for me and mine - You can build elsewhere!

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  1. Oh, man! I detest little creatures! Glad you got rid of that little problem!