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Monday, April 29, 2013

Moody Monday

My weekend was unexpectedly quiet.  The constant rain kept me mostly indoors and when we ventured out to church, I was interrupted in class to be told I had a sick child.  So back home we went and stayed.  I spent the afternoon playing nurse to my baby and even napping with him.  He was miserable but I did my best to keep him comfortable...and he got to watch unlimited movies!

Now, I'm hoping against hope that the others stay virus-free!  Me, too.

Before the sickness set in, I was able to spend some relaxing time with Mr. Wonderful and his girls.  We enjoy a Saturday lunch tradition of Tex-Mex ... it's just fun! 

I caught up on home cleaning and some organization, which was nice.  It always feels good to start the week off from a good place. 

Have I shared that Mr. Wonderful is a high school soccer coach?  He is down to one last game of the regular season and then the district tournament.  I so enjoy watching him lead the team and am proud to cheer wildly for them to score.  My children love to go to games and feel like a big part of the action since they know the coach.  It's a great experience all around.

Except, I know it is a huge time consumer for Mr. Wonderful.  Coaching is a second full time job during the season and mentally very draining.  For his sake, I'm thankful that a break is coming.  I know he'll be able to take a deep breath and rest. 

The next big event on our calendar will be a wedding in July!  We're all excited!


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  3. lovely that you all enjoy the games! Is your wedding this July? I am excited for you, I guess you have the something blue with the stones of your engagment ring already! I would love to hear more about your preparations - I am so curious.
    Wishing you a lovely sunday,