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Monday, August 19, 2013

Moody Monday


I didn't have the greatest of sleep last night and today I just feel draggy.  Today I plan to write a thank you note...I haven't written any since the wedding and I feel very behind on that!  Today I'm remembering that four weeks ago I was on my honeymoon with the whole week still stretching out unplanned before us.  It was beyond delightful.  This week is overscheduled and busy.  Plus, I'm cooking for seven people each evening!  Tonight we are having breakfast for supper - that will be quick and easy after parent information nights at school.

I'm amazed at how quickly life has become normal after the wedding.  Of course, our normal is very different from anything I ever imagined.  I can't believe how genuinely happy we all seem to be!  I keep waiting for some kind of fallout, negative consequences, something.  So far, so good!  And that is just an unexpected blessing indeed. 

I'm still sorting out where to put all of our stuff and we walk around piles or trip over boxes daily.  But even this is a blessing.  We have more than we need, a strong and comfortable home in which to live and are living with deep joy.  Have you noticed any special blessings lately?