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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

We are smack in the middle of our first week as a family of's honestly going better than I thought.  Granted, I was keeping my expectations pretty low because throwing teens, elementary children and grownups who have lived alone and gotten set in our ways just felt like a recipe for disaster surprises.  Because of scheduling prep work and God's timing, we sort of eased our way into the full-on family fun.  We had Mr. Wonderful's daughters, then just my children, and finally this past Sunday all seven of us together. 

For the most part, it has been fun. We had a dead fish and two wet beds on our first night under one roof (Baby boy drank too much before bedtime and Sonny the wild Shih Tzu was feeling nervous, or marking territory, or something!).   My three are convinced Mr. Wonderful doesn't have a job, since he works from a home office.  They have all kinds of questions like, "Who is his boss?" and "How does he get a paycheck?"  Our fabulous babysitter has continued at our new home, even though the drive is longer...we are so grateful for her.  I know it has been an adjustment for him to work with young children in the home.  It's louder, there is more activity, more noise.  He sends me comments throughout the day by phone or text about the happenings. 

Dinnertime is fun, but cooking for seven unique people is a challenge.  I'm used to simple (elementary kid-style) meals and need ideas.  Plus the kitchen is bursting at the seams with lots of duplicate items.  We have little counter space and boxes everywhere.  The logistics of moving into a home which is already full have been overwhelming.  I'm craving clear counters and white space!

We marvel at the number of dishes and loads of laundry.  We are incredulous at thinking about the emotions of so many people...did she go to her room because she annoyed?  mad?  normal teenager?  Is he irritated at the activity?  Do they feel replaced?  Is he feeling at home?  Are we demanding too much, too soon, too many changes?  We have a lot of precious hearts to consider. 

And I don't want my groom to feel neglected!  So, I'm trying spend some time with him before tackling that laundry.  He's been a dream and so helpful.  He's more emotionally intelligent, kind and gentle even in discipline that any man I've known.  I picked well!

Oh, and yes, I am Mrs. Robinson now!  I'll talk about the whole name change situation soon - has anyone else done that?  Send me any great recipe ideas that are family friendly and simple.  I need kitchen help!  Does anyone want to see more wedding pics?


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  2. Having teens in the house especially steps is always tricky. I have 18(step from husbands first marriage) and together we have 11 and 7 yo's. We used to on Sundays when everyone was in the car together (I would pull out notebook) and write down everyone's dinner ideas for the week. Any special requests at the grocery store etc. I found that especially for the older two it helped. It was also a good time to discuss upcoming appointments and anything special going on during the week.

    1. Great idea, Angie! I am working on ways to communicate calendars, etc. I love this idea!

  3. Love hearing the updates and yes please more wedding pictures! is a great website for recipes and tips. I am not much of a cook.