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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Married life is fantastic, but ...

I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy being married.  The partnership is amazing!  And still, I have to get used to being with someone all the time. 

It means another person sees me at my lowest and worst.  He sees the irritable, impatient tired mother-me who is short with my children.  He is aware that my Bible sits in my drawer more than in my hands and that I am incredibly messy (and bossy) when cooking dinner.  He is eye witness to my shortcomings and all the ways I try to hide them.  It leaves me feeling vulnerable and exposed. 

It's easy for me to fall into the trap of feeling like I have to earn love, and then knowing that I don't "measure up."  Because of this fear of disappointing others, I often avoid the very thing I need to confront, confess or correct which only worsens the problem. 

"And it’s no compliment to be told that you ... are perfect. There is no freedom in it. There is no true self in it." ~ Grace Filled Living


  1. Such a wonderful post for me to read today. I've been struggling lately, trying to be "perfect" in the aspect of my role as a wife, and often forgetting that my husband is the one who can help pick me up when I'm down - instead, I've been hiding those things from him.

    Life is so much easier when we remember that this is our partner, not someone we're trying to impress! (Geez, we've been married for almost 10 years... it's kind of obvious he likes me ;) )

    -Jac @ For Life, Love and Books

    1. Thank you for reading and the reminders ... may your marriage be blessed today!

  2. I read this twice, concerned a missing part.
    For myself, marriage gives me a valuable lesson about how to unite the two differences to achieve the same goal. There is no perfect partner. Magnanimity need to be able to accept the shortcomings of his / her partner

    1. You are so right, I cannot be the perfect partner nor can he. Yet we love each other wholly in the process. Thank you for reading!