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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Every family has Christmas traditions.  Some are set in stone and held onto with clenched fists.  Others are more fluid and can evolve through the years of children growing up, families relocating and changing times.  I remember during my teen years, it became somewhat of a tradition to go to the movies on the evening of Christmas Day!  That was a new tradition for us, but we wouldn't dream of abandoning our stockings ... even if we didn't technically believe that Santa was coming.

We are having our first Christmas as a blended family and in doing so, we are bringing together many years of traditions and history.  So, we're talking a lot about what is important to everyone and working out ways to be sure each person is included and the important traditions honored.

We will have two Christmas trees.  This year, our family ornaments will remain distinct on separate trees.  So far, we are loving this!  My three little ones enjoy seeing their Toy Story, Thomas the Train and Barbie ornaments on a tree they remember and have decorated for years.  My bonus daughters will do the same on the ginormous tree they have enjoyed for years.  We'll get some new ornaments this year and put them on the larger tree, but truthfully, we may have two trees from here on - our house is large enough and we like the added festive atmosphere.  We have a tree in the family/great room and one in the dining room which is has been converted to a play area. 

We brought our Advent Calendar and I asked Mr. Wonderful if he thought his girls would want to be included.  I didn't know if it would be considered too childish?  He said they would and it has been a source of fun and laughter each day.  We're building memories together.

We'll all hang stockings and attend the Christmas Eve service at church.  Instead of a big Christmas dinner, we'll have a Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning brunch.  That's new for my part of the family.  Other traditions we will be sure to do are: making a gingerbread house and Christmas cookies, attending a nativity pageant, ice skating downtown, gifting family members, touring Christmas lights.

Traditions are important.  Recipes, memories, locations, they all create the fabric of family.  Working with your spouse, especially in a blended family is crucial to make sure the that important things aren't overlooked.  What traditions are most important to you?  Have any changed through the years?  Do you have a blended family?  Do your children have traditions in another home of which you are not a part? 
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  1. I love how you are blending your family and the traditions.

    1. We are trying ... it's tricky to include everyone and adapt where it is less important! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Even with older children, it's interesting to see how carefully we need to blend traditions and create new ones - something, after so many years of being divorced and not part of a couple - that I've been doing the past 2 years with my sons. Slow and easy, we are headed into a third year with a wonderful new tradition that involves the man I'm seeing and his mother. So far, so good...

    And those cookies look yummy!

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Missy June.

    D. A.

    1. Carefully is a well-chosen word for the nuances that take place when incorporating and honoring traditions. It's nice to hear others are making it work. Have a fabulous holiday and thank you so much for stopping by! I'm honored!