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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Faves

I really enjoy movies!  And I so many memories surround them during Christmastime.  I watched several this weekend and felt inspired to share my favorites...and I would love to know yours!

My sister and I watched Holiday Inn together every year. We had to search for when it would "air" on cable in a time before DVR and Blue Rays.  Now I rarely find it on the showing schedules.

It's A Wonderful Life always reminds me of my mother.  It was her Christmas classic and the timeless tale always draws me in...haven't we all felt like the world would be better off if we disappeared?  I love the story-line and the approachable acting.

My grandmother gave me this movie years ago...and I fell in love with it.  The costumes are just divine and I've always adored a musical.  Judy Garland is charming and the settings just captivate me.

White Christmas is another timeless classic.  This movie was based on the earlier show, Holiday Inn.  But the sister dynamic and the vivid pageantry along with music with which we all connect. 

I laughed so hard the first time I saw Home Alone!  I remains a carefree way to pass the time throughout the holiday season and with children now, it is even more comical!

Our family spent evenings laughing around the with Griswold's in Christmas Vacation.  The slapstick comedy and family humor makes us appreciate our family even more. 

I also enjoy all the variation of A Christmas Carol.  The power of generosity to 
change a heart is a true and timeless message. 

What is your favorite holiday-themed movie?  Do you watch them alone or with others?  children?

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  1. A lot of those are our favorites too. Just watched Home Alone last night. Sounds of Music (Julie Andrews version only) is another one though it's not just for Christmas time.