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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Relationship Ideas

In keeping with the New Year goals/resolutions/decisions, I have some relationship ideas for those in my life.  I hate to call them goals, because how can people be a goal?  But I do have ideas that I want to implement. 

With my children
  • Less TV, even if that means more screentime elsewhere (I'm okay with that)
  • Look for ways to draw out their strengths
  • Say "Yes" whenever possible
  • Do something grand for a 10th birthday boy!
  • Help them connect with friends

Reaching out to others
  • Schedule something fun with friends monthly, this can be lunch or a movie or shopping!
  • Invite people to our home three times this year - intimidating for me since I still don't feel full ownership of this space.
  • Say hi to neighbors and invite the friends of my children over
  • Stay engaged at church and wherever opportunities arise to connect with others.

Toward my husband
  • Communicate love and commitment in HIS love language (Touch & Words).  I will do this by letting the laundry pile up a bit and spend time daily just holding him, sitting together, rubbing his feet, stroking his hair, whatever comforts him for a few minutes.  I will speak highly of him and thank him verbally for all the ways he improves my life.  I will train our children to honor the sacrifices and commitments he makes to our family. 
  • Plan a surprise - can't say too much!
  • Speak my needs so that he has the opportunity to clearly meet them!  Be real about what's going on inside.
  • Make sure he knows I find him wonderful and attractive and that I think  he's the best gift God ever gave me!
  • Leave notes/messages/cookies where he can find them.
  • Let him relax, enjoy his interests and coaching without guilt from me.

As a family
  • Continue family mealtimes for dinner - this means so much to our clan and is a touchpoint for our days.  We usually gather around the table 4 times per week and at a restaurant one other time. 
  • Take a family vacation with all seven of us!  Whew!  We're looking at early June...
  • Make connections to our extended family with FaceTime, cards, honoring birthdays and big events. 
  • Celebrate our lives together and individual successes.
  • Rest in the routines of our non-traditional schedules, accept what works for us and embrace being a unique family!
These ideas are quite unmeasureable, but thinking about them helps my focus throughout the daily grind of pick up and drop offs, bedtimes, homework, etc.  Do you make any relational goals or ideas or inspiration to motivate you throughout the year.  Please share!

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