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Friday, January 10, 2014

Stopping and Starting...

Since we usually travel after Christmas, my New Year thoughts often get postponed until I can get home and regroup.  We drove home from visiting long-distance family on New Year's Day and hit the ground running back at work the next day, a birthday party and wedding over the weekend and then the great Polar Vortex that froze most of the county hit.  We just went back to school after the break and things finally seem like a bit of normal can be expected.

I tend to start things well, but the real challenge comes in being consistent, delayed gratification and perseverance.  I have set some short term goals and hope to kick-start a few habits but mostly I'm trying to think ahead to the end of 2014 and about how I would like some things in my life to be.

I want to make this home more my own, adding touches of d├ęcor, a dedicated desk space and general organization.

I would like to have more money in savings.

I plan to have the memory of several trips including a family vacation and college girls get-away.

I will continue working with my children to memorize Scripture and to establish good habits.

I will celebrate several big birthdays in an extra-special way!

With my awesome new Christmas gift (this MacBook Pro), I intend to write more and be more proactive about reaching out. 

Relationships are important to me and I'm going to be seeking connections with others this year along with deepening the bonds of our family.

What I'm still working out is the how for each of these goals.  I can get lost in the details, so beginning with end in mind is great motivation for me to continue the course!

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