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Monday, January 20, 2014

I've done it, too.

On a recent Sunday I got to ride with our oldest daughter to church.  She dropped me off and I walked in fancy and carefree to meet Mr. Wonderful who was there early practicing with the praise band.  When I next saw my step daughter, I could tell she was far from carefree with concealed tears and a tense expression.  "Can I talk to you," she said?

She shared how when she was parking for youth group, she turned into another vehicle.  She was scared, embarrassed and ashamed.  Oh, how I understood how that feels.  You see, I've done it, too.  And I was sure to let her know that! 

Very soon this young driver, fresh to her own vehicle was surrounded by a supportive tribe sharing their own experiences of bumps, fender benders and crashes.  At least five women gave hugs and told tales of erroneous distance judgement, leaping landmarks and parking blunders.  I watched our daughter's face relax with the knowledge that she isn't alone. 

What a gift and what a reminder!  We're never alone in our blunders.  It's not the first time someone has burnt dinner, forgotten a scheduled event, overlooked a child in need or skipped a key part of the directions.  I've done it, too.  Acknowledging my own shortcomings lifted the shame and isolation and the fact that so many others joined in added to the encouragement. 

Let's remember that and keep it up!  What can you admit to blundering lately?

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