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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Loving Well

Chamilia Mosaic Purple (pandora style bead)
Source: Chamilia - a charm for my bracelet!

In the short months that I've been married, I've been learning so much from my husband about what it means to love well.  These are things I've heard before but never experienced in true live action.

These are things Mr. Wonderful does to let me know he cares:
  • "What Can I Do?" Asking and doing whatever I need communicates that my spouse loves me, sees my struggle and is willing to help!
  • He studies me - he learns what is important to me and then makes that important to him, also.  By doing this he conveys that I'm important.  
  • Receives love from me and lets me know how to convey it.  Sometimes this naturally falls into place, but I love to hear what means the most to my man so I can be confident loving him.  (He feels loved with cookies and footrubs, by the way.)
  • Responsible for himself so that he is at his best for all of us - at work, health, alone time and then connecting.
  • Initiates time with me and pursues me.  This man engages me and makes me a priority among the ever-pressing demands of his life.  
  • Extravagant Love - sometimes, for no reason except that he loves me, my guy will bring me flowers.  He has even taken me to a jewelry store on a random Saturday afternoon and purchased something sparkly!  I never expect it, but the occasional splurge speaks volumes about where I stand in his world.
I'm reminded to love him well and to love others in my life well, also.  I want to know what conveys love to each of my children.  I want them to see, feel and know deep in their souls that they are loved.  What is something you know conveys the way you feel to those you love?  Has someone demonstrated their love to you lately?

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