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Friday, March 7, 2014

What is Your Food Love Language?

I'm what they call a salsa snob!  I'm always on the hunt for a good salsa and this one may fit the bill!
Image and Recipe via The Pioneer Woman
Okay, this is a silly thought, I know.  But indulge me for a moment ...

My husband participated in online dating and on his profile mentioned that one of the things most people didn't know about him was that he loved chocolate chip cookies.  One random Sunday morning, a woman in his Sunday School class handed him a tin of cookies with a sly smile...and announced to him that they had been matched!  Oh my goodness, what an awkward moment!

But it does demonstrate that for my husband, cookies are his love language.  When I take the time to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch and stock them in our kitchen, he feels cherished and cared for.  He loves that he can grab a sweet bite while on the go and it reminds him that what he likes is important to me.

Me?  I love salsa!  I can rate the local restaurants by their salsa offerings, and I do have a favorite.  But what I love about eating salsa is that I get to sit with someone I care about and enjoy conversation and camaraderie while snacking on something spicy.  It's just fun to me!  So, among my friends and family, I'm known for my salsa addiction.

What about you?  It's not your favorite food (necessarily) but the one that speaks to your heart - please tell me I'm not the only one with a food love language.  And that Sunday School dating match mentioned above?  We now attend church together and she is a perfectly lovely lady ... I actually admire her gumption!

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