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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Way I Will Practice Lent this Year

Chalkboard cup overflows. I HAVE to make this for our coffee bar!!
Via Jerri Kent
My life is blissfully full in this season of school-aged children, coach's wife, step-mothering and so many other roles that fill all the days of my calendar.  Our home is bursting at the seams with more furniture, clothing, dishes...stuff than we can reasonably use. We are graced with a full pantry and refrigerator. Our physical needs are met completely.

However, I find myself reviewing spring catalogs, lingering over home decor and longing for just the right thing to infuse my closet with new life.  It's a paradox because I'm already living a new life and don't need a thing to add to it.  I am full.

Gluttony.  Consuming more than is healthy.  Excess.  I'm guilty of it with food and with stuff.  And so, in this season of Lent which has become a renewed spiritual discipline for so many, I'm going to fast from purchases.  I will buy nothing except the household groceries and needs.  The one splurge for which I will plan is for the garden, which will be coming into planting season during this time.

It's easy for me to demonstrate my love for family and friends with gifts (my love language).  So, I'll have to be intentional and gift them with words, time and care.  I will avoid online shopping carts and baskets and take time to inventory our own shelves and boxes.  There is much we could sell or donate or give to others.

Each day, I will give away at least one thing.  I think I can do it!

Follow on Instagram to see what I give away each day, and please share if you choose to do the same.  Do you practice Lent?  Do make a regular practice of fasting (from anything)?  Why do you think this traditional discipline is seeming to make a comeback in recent years?

It's been a while since I've heard from readers and would love the encouragement of hearing from you!

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