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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day / Fathers Day + Steps and Ideas

Mother's Day has deep meaning for me because I have the greatest mom ever!  Also, my first Mother's Day meant so much to me and I'll never forget the high of those emotions.  During my single mother years, I enjoyed the day with my kiddos and gave myself a break from household chores.  Their dad acknowledged the day and they little ones always had homemade gifts from Sunday School or their classes.  I still treasure those!  When I began dating Mr. Wonderful, he took me and my three out to lunch each of the Mother's Days we were together.

This is my first year as Step Mother.  I knew it would be important for the girls to honor their own mom on this day and they did so at a family luncheon.  Yet both spoke sweet words to me at different times and gave me special stepmom hugs.  I was touched that they acknowledged me as the mom in this home.  It meant a great deal to me and I appreciated it more than I expected.  I'm beyond blessed by the girls that I didn't bear in my body but get to serve daily.  I'm thankful for the way their dad allows them to love. I'm grateful to their mom who supports the cooperation of our families.  I'm a far from perfect mother, but we are blessed.

Right on the heels of Mother's Day comes Father's Day.  My little ones will be with their Daddy and of course, the older girls will be with us.  We'll go to a restaurant that Mr. Wonderful chooses and I'll be sure he receives some of his favorite things (hello, dark chocolate).  I have something personal for his step children to deliver, too, and we'll do so when they can be with him, on another day.

I like the balance we have found.  We honor the birth parents of each of our children, yet also honor the roll that the grown-ups have in our home.  I'm the "Mom" of this house, even if some of the people here call me by my first name.  He's the "Dad" even though the children have another man they call Daddy.  

This is just what works for our family - but I'd love to hear how you do things in yours!

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