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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Fix

I enjoy shopping, but don't always have time and often get overwhelmed with the plethora of choices.  I love shopping online, yet struggle to determine the best size and how a brand will fit me.  So when I noticed a personal styling company popping up on blogs, it got my attention!  Stitch Fix is a company that offers personal styling based on your body and your life and your preferences.  I always admire women who seem put together, effortlessly stylish and have a plan for their wardrobe.  While I don't want my clothes to be focus of my life, I know that what I wear affects the way I am perceived and how I feel about myself.

I checked out their website to learn more and then decided to try it for my birthday - it was so exciting to get my first "Fix!"  I filled out my style profile and requested that my fix arrive in time for a birthday/Valentine date.  

It was fun to see what they put together for me.  I was excited to wear something new on Valentine's Day and while I only kept a couple of items, I scheduled my next fix for spring.  The next fix was fabulous!  I updated my style profile a bit, tweaked my preferences and was more clear with my dislikes.  

I think that my height may pose a problem because both the pants received are in the "ankle length" category and for me, that just feels too short.  I kept the jeans, though, because they were so comfy and fit well.  I figure I can roll the legs for summer denim needs.  I've enjoyed the brighter tops - colors I wouldn't have gravitated to on my own.  I love having a designer's eye looking out for my needs.

I haven't scheduled my next fix, but I will soon.  It's like getting a gift from yourself, complete with a surprise!  My favorite part is getting to try things on at home, and not have to get out there to shop.  The ease and simplicity have been fabulous and I find the service to be a fabulous one.  

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  I'd love for you to try it - I am not compensated for this post, just really like the service, but if you decide to try it and use this link, I will earn a little bit of credit toward another fix!  Try it and share how it works for you like shopping yourself?  Do you trust someone else to style for you?

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