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Monday, January 26, 2015

Moody Monday Randomness

It's a wintry January Monday morning here and the clouds are hanging low over the mountains.  I'm almost sure it must be snowing up there, but there are only little flurries down here in the valley.  It's been busy in our household and here is my general Monday randomness:

1) I hosted my first sleepover party for my 9-year-old daughter.  She had the best time ever, but neither of us has recovered.  She takes after me in that we both need our sleep!  It was so worth it to foster her friendships, get to know her people and do something just for her.

2) The puppies are growing!  They are now three months old and doing much better with going
Photo taken by nine-year-old, excuse the cropped head!
outside to use the bathroom.  Each one knows his name and has a distinctive personality. Teddy is never going to catch up to Bilbo in size and will always be a runt.  The next doctor visit will include some snipping!

3) Remember the Less & More?  The scale isn't saying any less and this is when it gets hard for me!  I want instant results and that's unrealistic.  How do you stay motivated?

4) I'm missing family and need to schedule a time for us to all be together soon.  We had fun Facetiming on Friday and need to do that more often.  How do you keep in touch with far-away friends and family?

5) My husband is the best!  I just had to brag about something and he's the #1 thing to brag about.

I hope your week is fruitful and productive, but also enjoyable and pleasant.  Make some time to do something for yourself and to invest in others.  Scratch off things on the must-do list, but take time to think about your want-to list, too!

I love hearing from you and hope you will stop by again soon to say hello.

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