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Friday, January 2, 2015

Yearly Thoughts

This pause between Christmas and New Year's Day always prompts me to look back and to look forward.  Actually, the New Year has already arrived and I didn't get much of a pause this year.  We are right at the precipice of our busiest season as a family.  2014 was a gentle and good year that solidified bonds, meshed hearts and homes and opened my eyes to the longevity required for parenting.  I am learning and started to understand that my children aren't going to just 'get it' one day and be perfect from that moment on.  It takes a lifetime of the Lord's working in our hearts to truly work out our salvation.

I don't think 2015 will be quite as gentle.  We have a daughter graduating high school and a another who will begin driving.  Our son will end elementary school and enter the middle school culture.  There will be some things I can predict others that will knock me sideways with their surprise.  I'm anticipating answers to prayer along with new things that need prayer.  It's going to be a whirlwind of a year, I think.

But I'm not dreading the year.  I'm anticipating it with security that it will come out alright in the end.
I hope you have memories to savor from 2014 and that your 2015 is the best year so far!

Happy New Year!
I loved this "Happy Go Lucky" (Black-eyed-pea) soup for lunch on New Year's Day!

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