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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Best Day

2014 was a great year and I can't think of any major issues that I faced.  Several life messages were reinforced through the daily grind and there were some great days, lots of normal life days and a few tough ones mixed in.  My son likes to ask me about the worst days in my life...I'm thankful to report none of those will be documented in 2014.

The best day of the year for me happened to be my birthday.  It snowed six inches and the whole family had no choice but to spend the day together. We frolicked in white powder, indulged in rich hot chocolate, snuggled in front of movies and ended the day with Salsa.  I didn't have to plan a thing and yet it was the best.  It's interesting to me how the best things often unfold on their own despite our attempts at planning and orchestrating.  I need to remember that and leave more space for these times.

Other themes that were reinforced last year were the importance of self care, the reminder that learning is a process as opposed to a one time event and that character is of utmost value.

I don't know how 2015 will unfold.  I know it will hold transitions for our family and I wonder how that will affect our days.  I wonder how my children will grow, change and continue to emerge in their identities.  There are challenges I know we will face and I wonder what is coming that we don't yet know about?  Where will I give the best of me?  Will I know when to step out and stand up for something that matters?  I hope so.  I want to make the best choices, the smartest decisions and convey my heart to those closest to me.

I'm ready and anticipating the year ahead.  I feel hopeful and steadfast.  Let's go!

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