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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All The Feels!

Their bond will remain solid, I'm sure.
 It's been a week of high intensity around our place.  One child is off to her first year of college (in another state!) and another one just turned sixteen.  One child admitted to difficulties in middle school and another has emotional extremes as if she was in middle school.  One child, thankfully, seems to be typical, content, fun and simple.  I'm really grateful for that these days.

With seven six people under one roof, there are a lot of emotions and hearts to consume my thoughts.  Mr. Wonderful is grieving and adjusting to a home that no longer houses his firstborn.  I worry that the overwhelm of my younger children will be more annoying without the presence of his own children.  This is the first time he has experienced life without at least one of his girls living with him full time (We still have his younger daughter 50%).

There are a lot of individuals and emotions happening in our house and sometimes it just feels like too much.  I want to "fix" everyone, make them happy.  But transitional seasons contain sadness, excitement, joy and more - often all in the same day.  There was a time that I thought sadness and joy were unable to coexist, but I've witnessed them all wrapped up together.  We think that pain erases joy or that doubt discounts our faith.  Such is not true!

All too soon, this guy will be heading to college - Yikes!
We happen to be in a time of many strong feelings.  Thankfully, we get to support each other through the process.  I have to remember to avoid my codependent tendency of taking on responsibility for the feelings of those I love.  I cannot fix the empty room upstairs.  I cannot remove the rigors of middle school.  I cannot create a soft heart or positive attitude.  I can take care of me, practice healthy self care and support each one I love in their own struggle.

I'm confident we'll soon experience more consistency and enjoy a carefree spirit in our home soon.  Have you had any major transitions lately?  What can you do to take care of you today? How do you handle strong feelings?

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