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Monday, August 17, 2015

Seasons Change

Most days this summer, my alarm went off at 5:45 am.  Just after 6 am, I was reaching the end of our long driveway and breaking into a run for my morning exercise.  It took me about half a mile to feel fully awake and then I noticed all the things: The slowly fading darkness, the early bird chatter, the tinkling of the creek and the color of green emerging from the shadows.  I had time to consider the day before me with it's challenges and it's pleasures.

By the time I completed my run, I had prayed, mulled over my concerns and given them to the Lord.  I had time to think about friends and family who are near and far and could pray for situations that I couldn't control.  I arrived back at home to a mostly sleeping house, a quiet, cool shower and a feeling of accomplishment and preparedness.  It was a routine that I enjoyed and benefited my soul more than my body.

I miss it.  When school starts, my morning routines change.  I still pray, but it's usually while I'm still snuggled under the covers and I don't take as long or allow my thoughts to wander where God guides.  I still run, but it is in the hot afternoon when there are more people and cars on the way, and I'm more concerned about the children at home and the dinner that needs preparation.  I feel rushed and there is no solitude.

It's been this way for years now, and I know that soon it will too dark to run in the early morning, anyhow.  I will begin to appreciate the warmer afternoons when the morning become chilly.  It's just the definite mark of a change in seasons.  Summer into fall.  Freedom into routine.  Each season has it's pleasure and I'm sure to find much for which to be grateful in this next one.

What is changing around your place right now?

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