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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yearly Thoughts

I still have a paper calendar and
I'm looking over the goals I set for last year.
Happy New Year!  Mr. Wonderful and I were comparing some of the differences between 2015 and 2016 this morning: No soccer coaching this season is a big change!

It's natural at this moment of calendar change to note what else has changed in life.  I savor the review of the past year and note some things that are working well and some that are not.  Budgets, exercise, schedules and more need to be tweaked. I strive for little changes that may add up to big results because it just feels less daunting for me.  Often, I use the first six week of any year to really assess my goals and shift the trajectory so that by my birthday in February, I'm on track for success (and sometimes even have a head start!).

Mr. Wonderful feels like 2016 will be a year of change, but I'm not so convinced.  Often, I don't have much of a pause during the "in between week," but this year it has been calm and quiet with time for yearly thoughts.  My thoughts about the coming year proved very accurate one year ago.  I'm less certain about what to expect in the next twelve months.

My quick superlative thoughts? (I'm not thinking too hard, just throwing out what comes to mind)

  • Best Memory: When my son was baptized and seeing his faith grow
  • Worst Event: Two car crashes in three days
  • Hardest Challenge: Navigating middle school with my son
  • Greatest Tip: Remember the dogs are just dogs and not stress so much
  • Deepest Disappointment: Missing my children's first visit at Disney
  • Unexpected Surprise: Visit from former sister in law
  • Best Decision: To love Mr. Wonderful everyday
  • Must Keep Doing: Meal Planning
  • Must Stop Doing: Browsing online shops (sales are too tempting)
  • Can't Wait to Start: Grilling Out!
  • Don't Want to, But Doing it Anyway: Visiting Allergist
  • Do More: Hiking with Husband
  • Do Less: Criticizing (even internally)
May you be blessed and joyful in 2016!

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