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Friday, January 13, 2012

Choices & Adjustments

I still get a physical calendar for each year.  The blank pages woo me to be strategic and organized and intentional.  Then life gets so busy, the real schedules demand more than I can give and many of my grand plans get lost in the shuffle.  It's hard to remember that for all the activities I add, something must be removed - even if it's just downtime or 'me' time. 

Extra-curricular activities are in full swing, church commitments require more time and of course my oh-so-wonderful (but-oh-so-consuming) relationship needs reciprocal investment.  So, other things are falling through the cracks: mainly housework, self-care and even time in spiritual growth.  What I'm realizing is that I can handle the incrased demand for a couple of weeks, but now it's catching up to me.  

Life is full of adjustments.  This season of single parenting is certainly a busy one and so I'm adjusting to our current needs.  Here's what's not working:
  • Housework - our little house is messy and cluttered.  It's stressful to me and to the kiddos (even though they don't realize it.
  • Wardrobes - two of my children are between sizes and have two sets of clothing in their closets and drawers which are too tightly packed to be functional.
  • School - While the homework routine is going exceptionally well, I feel out of touch with teachers and what's happening there.
  • Self - Care - I've been doing great at working out/moving more, but then I feel frazzed with needing to shower and get ready two times per day.  Plus I have been neglecting my own space which has become overrun with piles and stacks.
Well, I have no magical solutions, but writing out the list helps me know what needs to be worked on.  This weekend I plan to try and catch up and be more proactive.  Then I can determine which adjustments need to be made. 

Let me know if you're adjusting to anything as the calendar turns over.  It sure is part of life. 

Thank you to all the new followers.  I hope you get involved and share!


  1. I prefer New Year's cleaning over Spring cleaning. Even though they're wearing 2 different sizes, are there some seasonal clothes that you know they won't be able to wear again?
    I think the stress for parental involvement can be overly stressful. Remember, they're your children's teachers, not yours. It's okay to have a little distance.
    We all get out of balance sometimes. Recognizing it is the first step. It'll come.

  2. De-cluttering and re-organizing are some of my things I am focusing on this month. It is stressful to be in a constant state of chaos. Good luck with your list! :)

  3. I love to get a new calendar each year as well, in fact I have several. It is a great way to keep track of what you "hope" to do. Managing time and not getting stuck in a rut of routines is what I am trying to focus on. Love the post!

  4. This is what I tell myself when my house gets a bit shows you have a loving home full of children who you let be children and play... We can't do everything... Do you know what else I do to push myself to get it all done> throw a party. If you invite people over you have to have a clean hose ;)

  5. I can't function without a planner since I was pretty successful last year in utilizing it to its fullest. With 3 children between 15 and 11, add the two oldest at 22 and 20, it can be crazy. One thing I found did not work with the planner.... scheduling cleaning. Briefly, I did attempt it, but when the "have-to" that pop out of the air happen, they get missed. You will find certain time frames will be there, even if its for a whole 30 minutes, in which you can focus on organizing during a week.
    Don't worry.... it will get better! Have patience with yourself.

  6. Sweet Missy,

    One thing I do is try to accomplish one thing each day. Just one around my home. Whether it is a room or a load of laundry. While your children are young don't sweat the small stuff. Let a lot just go. They just want to be with you. Ans yes,I think it would be wonderful if we could ever meet for coffee. It would be my pleasure and my treat!!!



  7. I feel your pain... lol I am raising three kids by myself and have much of the same issues. I am not sure about your situation but my kids visit their mom during the week and every other.

    I use that time to do the stuff that I would not be able to do without banging my head against the wall. Those are my laundry, shopping and bill paying days. I have recently begun cooking better meals and freezing them for later in the week too.

    As far as the messy over stuffed draws... I gave up! We have bigger fish to fry so I spend much of my time focused on their homework and religious ed.

  8. It seems I am constantly adjusting my schedule...what worked a month or 2 ago changes as my families needs change. I often wonder how others keep it together...if they keep it together...I think we all have times of disoraganization and adjustment...but perhaps we all experience it in different ways. Be patient with yourself, set goals, but be flexible and trust God to walk with you and show you how to best organize your time :)

  9. I have no kids (as of yet) so I feel a little silly with my "hectic life" comment. Never the less, it gives me a completely new appreciation for those who do have kids and manage everything still. I work full-time and attend school as a grad student. So there's my busyness.

    It's only my second semester back in school so at first, I was overwhelmed with recreating that structure of having to do homework, check assignments and scramble between work and school. I lost my "fun". After going to work, going to class, then coming back to work to finish my schedule, I didn't want to do anything but go home and get in the bed, even on the weekends. This semester, I'm only taking two classes which should give me a little relief. But that's the fun part of life, right? The inconsistency and potential to challenge ourselves to master each change as it comes!

  10. Missy,

    I actually saw something on pinterest about things you can do to avoid clutter, having to clean constantly, and having a headache! This is also something the kiddos can get involved in and maybe even get a treat if they "follow the rules" before you know'll become habit, and you will find them doing it on their own without being prompted. They say it takes repeating something 27 times for it to become a habit. What's 27 times? :) Hope it helps!