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Friday, January 13, 2012

Choices & Adjustments

I still get a physical calendar for each year.  The blank pages woo me to be strategic and organized and intentional.  Then life gets so busy, the real schedules demand more than I can give and many of my grand plans get lost in the shuffle.  It's hard to remember that for all the activities I add, something must be removed - even if it's just downtime or 'me' time. 

Extra-curricular activities are in full swing, church commitments require more time and of course my oh-so-wonderful (but-oh-so-consuming) relationship needs reciprocal investment.  So, other things are falling through the cracks: mainly housework, self-care and even time in spiritual growth.  What I'm realizing is that I can handle the incrased demand for a couple of weeks, but now it's catching up to me.  

Life is full of adjustments.  This season of single parenting is certainly a busy one and so I'm adjusting to our current needs.  Here's what's not working:
  • Housework - our little house is messy and cluttered.  It's stressful to me and to the kiddos (even though they don't realize it.
  • Wardrobes - two of my children are between sizes and have two sets of clothing in their closets and drawers which are too tightly packed to be functional.
  • School - While the homework routine is going exceptionally well, I feel out of touch with teachers and what's happening there.
  • Self - Care - I've been doing great at working out/moving more, but then I feel frazzed with needing to shower and get ready two times per day.  Plus I have been neglecting my own space which has become overrun with piles and stacks.
Well, I have no magical solutions, but writing out the list helps me know what needs to be worked on.  This weekend I plan to try and catch up and be more proactive.  Then I can determine which adjustments need to be made. 

Let me know if you're adjusting to anything as the calendar turns over.  It sure is part of life. 

Thank you to all the new followers.  I hope you get involved and share!