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Monday, April 4, 2016

Five Unique Needs of Children in a Blended Family

There are hundreds of list of the top needs for children and the basics apply in every situation.  However, after living in a blended family for two-plus years AND talking with lots of others in similar dynamics, I feel I am coming to identify some unique needs to be found in second or non-traditional families.  Here's the basic list, and I hope to unpack each one a bit more over the next few posts:

1. Security that your marriage will last, but so will your bond with each child. (More Here)

2. Honor the original bonds while nurturing new connections. (More Here)

3. A culture of peace and respect. (More Here)

4. Permission to express true feelings, but boundaries on complaint sessions.

5. Freedom to love the "other" part of their family.

Bonus: Unscheduled Time and Rest

I would so value hearing from others in mixed/blended/non-traditional family dynamics.  What do you see as vital needs for the children and teens of these relationships?

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