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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snippets of Life Lately

Our spring has been as colorful as our fall season this year.  It was been the backdrop for a calm and peaceful season of routines and simplicity for us.  "Simple" isn't a word that I often use to describe blended family life, but it has been a predictable stretch for us, which is nice.  We have just begun to count the days until summer.  It has a more relaxed vibe, but there is also a great deal of unpredictability and variety of schedule with vacation travel, lack of routine and other changes to come.  Always, the undercurrent of a school year ending prompts me to note the passage of time and the importance of making the most of the time I'm given to instill values and truth in the hearts of our home.

We have a small home remodeling project planned for summertime that will make our space more comfortable.  We have several family trips on the schedule for summer and plenty of fun activities!  We're already enjoying longer days.  My winter Christmas and birthday gifts (a grill and garden swing) are used almost everyday.  The garden is starting to bloom and we are loving more time outside. 

It's been a good spring.  It's a sweet season in the life of our family.  Thank you for reading along and joining our journey!

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