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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Rule the World!

I really do believe Mother's rule the world, in the sense that for a child, Mother really does control most of his or her world.  I'm so grateful that my own mother was available and raised me unselfishly.

This time of year is one that brings perennial strong feelings.  My first child was born the day before

Mother's Day.  So early May brings memories of anticipating a child, newborn fog, and learning a love I had never experienced before.  I am overcome with the power of mother-love, and learned to recognize that my own mother had that same strong emotion over me!  It's powerful.  For years I longed to be a mother and the living of it is greater than anything expected.

If you mother is still a part of your life, be sure to recognize her.  If you are a mother, create your own celebration with a walk down memory lane.  Bring out the photos and share the memories with your children.  Look for the women in your community who have mother-hearts, but might not be celebrated this year.  Maybe there is a single mom with children to little to celebrate her?  Could you give her the gift of a gift certificate for dining out?  Maybe there is a mother whose children have moved far away.  Could you invite her to join your family for lunch?  It doesn't take much for us to feel appreciated and recognized.

Of all the names I'm called, Mommy is my favorite.  Here are some other thoughts about Mother's Day:

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