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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Five Standout Moments From Our First Five Years

I've been reminiscing as we celebrate our Anniversary. When I close my eyes and consider life with Mr. Wonderful, these are the things that stand out. 

Beach Vacations! Annually we have been able to spend a week at Hilton Head Island.  I am grateful for these times to be all-together and carefree.  Family vacation is part of our family culture.

Holiday Traditions: Christmas brings families together and the season creates a way for blended families to create their own memories and traditions.  Other holidays also make a way to connect and we certainly appreciate the occasions that give us cause to celebrate.

We have our own "couple" traditions, too, for when we are alone and the kids are with their other families.
That Dark Winter of Difficulty: Even though it's not a positive memory, when we had two vehicle accidents, a broken hot water heater and lots of stress, we came together, avoided blame and bonded to get through the hard times.  That's what a family does.

Hiking As family has become way to spend time together and to get back to nature.  It's something almost each of us enjoy and we can do it for a few hours or a full day.  #Adventuremom

Seasons of Change: Five years doesn't seem like a long time, but we have experienced two high school graduations, shifting from elementary to middle and high school, job changes and more.  To be alive is to experience change and this rings true for us, also.  Learning to adapt and shift while remaining committed has been an essential skill.  We cling together when so much around us is changing.
Sending another one off to college!
At the End of the Day we have found our family to be a welcome respite in the world of competition and change. Our home is a landing pad for the comings and goings of life, especially in blended family and co-parenting life.  The relationships we cultivate are safe, reliable and supportive.  We may all exist within a second family dynamic, but we are living out a wonderful success story of remarriage and blending.  I'm so thankful for every single person in our home!

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