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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Blue

Photographer: Mario Testino
Has all the jolly news of the royal wedding made me feel blue? 

Honestly, the upcoming nuptuals haven't got me down a bit.  I am an adult woman, smart, independent and well-school in life’s realities. Yet I'm a bit giddy and excited with news about the royal wedding. I always turn to view when I hear that subject come up in the news, and I'll watch lots of highlights and recaps. How is it that princesses, castles, abbeys and carriages still make me light-hearted?

Catherine Middleton seems like she is well-aware of the demands her life will bring and that she will be living mostly for William. From all appearances, she seems to be alright with this plan. I wonder if they have discussed their expectations of marriage? Is fidelity to be expected among the royals, where extra-marital relationships have been the norm for generations?

William seems like a very decent prince, although I’m a bit confused about the fact he’s not going to wear a wedding ring. That seems like a strange choice to me. I wish the couple the very best! I hope they produce a myriad of heirs and find true joy in their marriage. They have a long history of companionship that will serve them well.

I’m girlish enough to be anticipating what the bridal gown will be like (I do hope for a glorious train), interested in the flowers, what will the wedding party wear? But I hope things aren’t too polished. I would love to see a glimpse of true emotion, to capture an intimate glance or shared giggle. It’s those little connections that fascinate me the most. The whole wedding will be a grand production, no doubt. I want to remember that it’s real.  Real people extending a real family line with history and drama unfolding. Will you be watching?

Personal Note: I’m secretly convinced that I’m related to the lovely Kate. My grandmother’s maiden name is Myddelton and we have traced the lineage back to England as far as the 1640’s when the spelling was interchanged between the ‘y’ and ‘i.’ Somehow, my invitation didn’t arrive.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what the dress is like too! It is easy to forget that it's a marriage and not just a wedding though.

    I'm looking forward to our royal wedding tea party :)

    I have just found your lovely blog and have really enjoyed reading :)

  2. Hope you had a GREAT time watching the Royal Wedding! I just finished my Royal Wedding Recap. It was sooo fun!

  3. just stumbled across your blog...and have enjoyed reading your thoughts. we sure do serve an amazing, loving God :)