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Thursday, April 21, 2011


This week we celebrate Christ's resurrection and an empty tomb.  He emerged in power and victory after a painful betrayal and death.  Total defeat was the door to complete victory for Christ and for us all.  What has to die in me in order to emerge in victory?  What do you need to let die in your own walk of life?  Do we have the courage to walk through the doors that may lead to victory?

My week has been a good one.  I survived an explosion under my sink and a kitchen floor covered with water - and I have friends coming to lend a hand in the fixing of it.  The children have been fun and [mostly] pleasant.  I have family coming to visit and fun things planned.  I still wish I could please all the people in my life, but I'm [mostly] remembering to please only One.

I'm emerging from a year of crisis into a new season of semi-stability...I won't ever think I've got it all figured out again, and I'll always hold my plans loosely knowing they can change at any time.  Still, my confidence in God has grown and I trust Him more than ever.  Now the pipe explosions, car troubles and insecurities don't have as much power to devastate as they once did.  That is my current victory, little things remain small.  I'm more aware of the bigger picture and my small part in it.  It's okay that life isn't the way it was, I'm still so blessed.

What are you celebrating this Easter?  Please share, it's been very rewarding to interact with others 'out there!'  Comment or follow this blog to let me know you're there.  This is your chance to say hi!

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