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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hat's off to mother's everywhere - but especially to the amazing mothers parenting alone.  There is no job like this one and it is all consuming, everyday, all day.  Whether you're driving the car pool, working to make a living, repeating the endless cycles of laundry, dishes and vacuming, your children are front and center.  All that you do is ulitmately for them and there is no such thing as a break.  Even when they are not phycially with you, your mind is thinking, planning, commenting, worrying about them.  I think this phenomenon is part of motherhood in general, but being single highlights the responsibilites of raising great children, being enough for them and accepting  limitations.  What journey this is!

And let's face it, Mother's Day is great, but we don't really enjoy the perks in full until our children are grown.  If you're like me, a colored paper, extra hugs and smiles are the gifts that I will receive.  Afterall, my children are still young, they don't have much money of their own and cannot go shopping.  We can't expect them to deliver a gift, a pampering spa day or breakfast in bed (please, no - I dread crumbs). 

So this is a day for some extra special self care.  Please, do something to celebrate the mother you are!  In the past, I have purchased a glitzy necklace that holds photos of my children.  I have purchased a delightful hanging basket for my porch.  Last year we had a picnic much like I did when we went to the mountains on my birthday.  Be honest, you would like to be treasured and treated special on this day, so be strong enough to take the responsibility upon yourself to have a great day.   Holidays can be a let-down, because it is easy to look around and emphasize the differences we have with other families, together families.  Celebrate who you are and the mother you purpose to be. 

If you know a single mother, please acknowledge her this Sunday!  Some days she is barely holding it together and it makes all the difference to know someone notices.  Remember, we're not that different. Surprise flowers, a kind note, a grocery gift card, a mowed lawn would blow her away.  Look around, we're everywhere: at work, in the neighborhood, at the grocery store, on the field trip.  You may be the only person who recognizes her sacrificial love.  This week, I'll share some things that I would really appricate and ways others have encouraged me.  I'll also share my personal prayer granted on my first Mother's Day and how I plan to spend this one (it may surprise you!). 

I'd love to hear your ideas, too!  It's always encouraging to interact and have connection.  Your comment makes me smile!  So, what was your favorite Mother's Day?  What is your secret Mother's Day wish?  How would you feel most honored? 

Mother - if you read this: What is one of your favorite Mother's Day gifts or memories?