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Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Going to be a Good Day!

Yesterday, my heel broke on the last pair of black shoes I own to wear in the summertime.  This morning, I'm wearing a pair that is very similar in appearance, but oh-so-stinking-comfortable!  I never realized how uncomfortable my othe pair was until I experienced this.  My life is a bit like that.  I didn't realize how unhealthy my marriage and home were until I experienced the peace I have today.  Certainly, the problems are not gone but I'm much more able to be myself and respond in the ways I sense to be right. 

My list of challenges has not been eliminated, yet I'm working on plans to address each situation.  In the meantime, today is going to be a good one!  Last fall I sold our Little Tykes swing set, which my children had mostly outgrown -  I hope another family is enjoying it.  Today a bigger, wooden swing set is being set up in our back yard.  We have saved birthday money, great grandma helped with a few suprpise 'swingset checks' and finally the money we earned from items sold at a garage sale last week put us over the top to purchase a fun play set from a friend.  Yes, her children are in a season ahead of mine and so she offered to let me buy it from them.  The cherry on top is that her husband is setting it up!  Yay! 

How can a day with a new (to us) swing set not be a good one? 
Other good news? 
  • A friend is delivering her baby boy right now. 
  • I went to dinner with a new friend last night - hope the friendship grows.
  • God has provided so much and I know he will continue.
  • My firstborn loved his first week at day camp!
  • One week from now is vacation.
In this world there are going to be troubles, but there are also innumerable blessings.  What are yours today? 

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  1. Missy -

    Congrats on the new swingset!! It is amazing how 'little' things like a swingset can really be a boost to us! It is one of those 'little things' that God gives us just because He is so good and loves us so much.

    I was just thinking today that, even though it feels like I am in the midst of tribulations right now (even though I know they are but 'light afflictions'), I need to focus on God's blessings and seek to learn the lessons He has for me right now.