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Friday, July 15, 2011



My life today isn’t what I thought it would be. Dealing with issues of co-parenting, daycare and learning to be financially independent while striving to be the best Mama and follow faithfully after Christ sometimes makes me just feel overwhelmed! Who else struggles with balancing all the demands from yourself and others?
Today I’m escaping with my little ones for a real vacation! It’s a splurge to be sure, and I’m so thrilled to go to the beach with them, after feeling so left out last year. I survived.  We are going with my parents to a condo somewhere on the East Coast of Florida. I’m really looking forward to some carefree, relaxed days.  I'm really glad there will be an equal ratio of grown-ups to children so that we don't lose anyone on the beach!

So, yes – life is full of trouble. Lots of it. Relationship trouble, health trouble, financial trouble, just stuff. Some we can affect or influence, some we just have to deal with as it comes. And in the middle of our trouble, there is space for fun, for peace and trusting that God has it all under control. I’m very thankful for a few days to escape. School starts in less than two weeks and will have a brand new kindergartener!

So, for the rest of the year when I can’t escape to a beach, share with me some ways you like to escape for bit…

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