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Monday, January 23, 2012

Moody Monday - Umbrella Optional

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The day began rainy and cold but at lunchtime it is mild and sunny! Isn't it wonderful when change happens in a positive direction?  I love it.  The gray days are getting old.

My week will be full and I'm looking forward to celebrating my sweet daughter's birthday, with all the extras that party planning requires. 

My mood is light and I'm ready to tackle the week.  This weekend my tax return was completed and I fell deepr in love with Netflix ... why-oh-why did I go so long without you? 

Now on to another week of numbers, sports schedules, cleaning routines and endless laundry.  It's a sweet life!


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  3. I too am a single mom who is in love with Netflix. Be careful, it is addictive. Have you seen Downton Abby yet? I stayed up until 4:00 am watching all 7 episodes and now I don't miss it on Sundays on PBS. Who needs a date when we've got Netflix?