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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shaping the Message of What it Means to be a Woman

I wear many titles and roles through life, but I first identify myself as a woman.  Being a woman is so fun, full of unpredictability, creates instant bonding with other women and lends an air of mystery to almost any situation.  It is my privilege to be a woman!
I get to model what womanhood means for my own daughter and for my boys.  My role will shape their expectations and attitudes so I am conscientious of the messages I send. 
Thank you to Missy for sharing these:
It's Almost Naptime

These thoughts fall right in line with the epidemic of perfection in our culture.  It is something which cannot be acheived and leads only to disappointment.


  1. This is a great post. I also enjoyed your other recent post about learning to give and take with respect to conflicting parenting ideas with your ex. I think that your attitude to the situation is very commendable. I have no children but feel that I can appreciate your sentiment with this issue, as I can imagine the frustration that would come from differing opinions on a subject that is so important to you- your children.

    I think it is great that you can let things go instead of starting a war with your ex. I also liked this comment about perfection. I was reading about the idea of perfection the other day from the blog of a follower of mine - Nat Dandridge. It is interesting that the idea of perfection is so sought after, but never truly attainable. Nat's thoughts on the matter were that it is the striving for this idea of perfection, which was the true perfection. It might make an interesting read for you.

    I didn't stumble upon your blog by accident, I read it as I think that you might also be interested in continuing a discussion on my blog.

    You may not be aware yet, but there is a new phenomenon sweeping parts of the web. It is very ambiguous and mysterious, but the messages that have been transmitted are very interesting and it is creating lots of excitement on the web and in certain circles of society.

    It's ambiguity is where my blog comes in. It is a space where the questions and theories of this phenomenon can be discussed and scrutinised, and where those excited by this new viral campaign can try and solve the mystery of what it is, and whether it is really as relevant and interesting as it promises to be. It is still not known whether it is a political party, a philosophical idea or even a movie campaign!

    Anyway I think that you would enjoy participating in the early discussions of this phenomenon.

    Many thanks, and keep up the good blogging:)

  2. Very true! How many hats we all wear. I love your words here. Few, but powerfully true. :)

  3. Great blogs. Thanks for sharing. New Bee blogger Wendy ;-)

  4. I Like your Post,I am a Father of five i have custody of four and one lives with his mother,It is hard being Daddy and mom But i have to cook,wash,clothes,do homework,school functions, Etc. I enjoy every minute of it even though it's a headache sometimes,My ex never calls them but they have out grow the break up to some point being that i have had them since they were in diapers.I have a new respect for the Role a women plays in the house hole,its not easy its a job in it's own well i enjoy the articles on your page,May God bless you with more articles.

  5. Always a privilege to be a woman!!! AMEN!!!

  6. I'm super guilty of chasing perfection - even harder now that I work outside of the house. I'm the perfect careerist, the perfect mama, the perfect housekeeper, etc., except I'm not. I try to fit in crafting, to make my house perfect, but it's not. And I hate admitting that since I already feel terible about even having to work!

  7. YES! I wonder if we are able to truly identify what makes us happy. We get lost in these roles and and forget about how we gain our strength, happiness, and overall ability to feel more than a label.

    thanks for the post.


  8. I love this and totally agree! Its great to see your set a positive example for your boys to appreciate woman to!1 :)

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  10. Beautiful blog! Really enjoyed reading it. Cant wait to be a mother one day myself and hopefully be a good role model of what a woman should be!

  11. Great post, keep the positive thoughts coming.