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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moody Monday

Another Monday is here - the week will be a busy one with lots of extracurricular activities and increased academic focus as we march toward spring break.  Mom-life keeps me on my toes in a big way.  My baby had a birthday this weekend which involved extra celebration and a party planned for later this week.  We're wrapping up our basketball/cheerleading schedule and I'm looking forward to less on the calendar in the spring.

Now for the real scoop.   You may remember that I went on my first ever blind date way back in the fall.  As I realized how wonderful this man was, I gently and quiety fell in love with him and he genuinely feels the same.  Making time to be together became a priority, but the reality is that our lives are not integrated and our children are in different seasons.  I was crushed when he vocalized the concerns which had been there all along and I interpretted his concerns as his desire to abandon our relationship.  I was wrong, and I'll have more to say about that this week.  The bottom line is that Mr. Wonderful was not trying to end our relationship.  The result has been a bit of whiplash for me as he as actually moved closer in the direction of our relationship and is pursuing me and my children. 

I hesitate to share much, because I still do not know the outcome of our story.  What I'm sure of is that our love in authentic.  We have a hope for a future together and pray that God will reveal how, when and if that is to be His plan.  I still worry that my heart will be broken, but I'm trying to remember my heart belongs to God and no matter what happens, He will care for me. 

I just wanted to share the latest in my mid-life romantic escapades.  What does the week hold for everyone else?


  1. I've been following your blog since you were on Blogs of Note... I love your very real and transparent writing.
    I hope your busy week is full of joy, too!

  2. Smiling. I have been there, too. I met the most wonderful man 2 years ago, shortly after I got divorced. But he is 10 years older and we live one hour apart from each other. My 3 kids are younger and he only has one teenager still at home. I have felt his doubts many times, but he is such a special, kind, supportive, strong and funny person, so wonderfully capable of deeply loving. I love loving him and he makes me want to be a better person. And that kind of love is worth taking the risk of losing. We have been together for 18 months and have become best friends. Last fall we separated for a little while, when I voiced that I kept feeling his doubts. But we both were hurting so much. And this misery taught us to communicate better and express our feelings better, good and bad. And now we love, with hearts wide open. And allow the future to slowly unfold itself.

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