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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share the Love!

Sweet Gifts - Cupcake Set

I have loved Valentine's Day since girlhood and it speaks to the 'hopeless romantic' that still remains in my heart. Always, and even more in this season, I use the day to celebrate all the love in my life.  The love of friends and family is one of the greatest gifts He's given, so I was thrilled to share this gift set from Dayspring.
Every good thing is a gift from our God and as Beth recently shared in our Bible study,
 "If it's a good gift, it's a God gift."  We've been given so many.  

I'm giving away one of these gift sets, minus the water bottle (because my own dear girl has already claimed it).  So leave a comment by midnight tonight and you'll qualify to win:
1) Journal
2) Tote
3) Message Pad

To enter Answer this question: What's the most unexpected gift in your life this Valentine's Day?

I hope your day is super special and that you feel an extra sense of His love today.  
We'll be enjoying a heart pizza by candlelight like last year!

Spread the love!