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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just for the Moms!

UPDATE: Katie was the winner of my little drawing. I hope others participate when we have give-aways, the odds are very much in your favor! ☺

Never forget that you are a treasure to the ones who call you Mother, Mommy, Mama, Mom -

We all have our moments, good and bad and many that can't be labeled as either  - just life! 
Source: Mother Letters
 - Mother Letters

I want to giveaway another item from the Redeemed Collection:

Redeemed - Truly Treasured - Wallet

Leave a comment sharing one of your best, worst or most predictable mommy momments and you'll be entered to win a coupon code for this wallet, free from Dayspring.  You will be responsible for shipping, should it apply.  I hope this week is treating you well, that your outlook is sunny and that as the month ends there are a few dollars to put in your new wallet (should you win)!


  1. I would have to say to say my best (probably the most predictable also) is when after 39 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing I delivered my daughter. I remember being so amazed that I made it through that. I also clearly remember her face and thinking she looked to much like my husband for being a girl and that she was huge (just shy of 9 lbs) she is 10 now but that memory is forever sealed in my mind as the best mommy moment.

    1. 39 hours of labor, you win, you should win everything in life!

  2. Worst Mommy moment, Oh dear there were several. I was shopping in a computer store that had a children's section. I told my three year old that she could play in the children's section (I hate those areas) for twenty minutes, then we had to get our item (a software book that I despereately needed for class) and go. She spent her time playing happily and I announced it was time to get the book, she bolted to the front of the store screaming, I was in shock and trying to catch her. She threw herself down, in the doorway, screaming. I decided that she would not win this battle. I picked her up while she was flailing, screaming and place her in a shopping cart seat. I totally ignore her and all the stares I received and got the book. Yes, we checked out while she was still screaming and swinging her arms at me. I calmly walked out to the car. She was quiet and sweet the entire drive home but I felt, stressed, out of control and angry. I cryed and laughed. She is now a very sweet teen and we have had the best of times together.

    1. Katie - you are the winner!

      Here is a coupon code valid for one Redeemed Truly Treasured Wallet:


      This code is valid on this item only, and
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      Shipping costs do apply. The code expires July 31, 2012.