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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Beauty is God's Beauty

Do you know that feeling of intense wonder when there is a sunset so beautiful that it takes your breath away?  Have you caught that look of pure unguarded joy in other's eyes?  Has artwork or poetry ever moved you to tears?  Can music transport you to a place in your past or lift your spirits from mood of gloom?   I do believe God inspires that kind of beauty.  In the same way I believe all truth comes from God (science, philosophy, etc.), I believe all beauty is from the ultimate Imagineer.

Dayspring has given me this fun reminder which I have placed by my front door. I love the truth of the words and the reminder. Wherever you find beauty - in the eyes of your love or the scenes of nature - remember it is beautiful because of God.
To order your own reminder, visit Dayspring - everything is 25% off right now!

Note: I was provided with the product by Dayspring, but the opinions are all my own.   


  1. I agree :) happy to know this.

  2. It's so easy to believe in a higher power when we catch a glimpse of a sunset or morning dew on the grass.

    Now, when we're stuck in 100 degree heat on the highway...THAT'S when it gets difficult! ;)


  3. Everything beautiful sure begins with God! :)