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Friday, July 20, 2012

Smiley Days

I'm in a happy place right now, but I realize that just like the tough times - this feeling will probably pass at some point.  One of the truths that I learned during some very dark days is that "I won't always feel the way I do today."  That helps me make it though the rough times and reminds me to cherish these happy days.  I have lots of reasons to smile.

Yes, Mr. Wonderful is one of them.  I've enjoyed extra attention and time with him lately.  He is someone I admire so very much.

Summer has been unexepectedly delightful with a much relaxed schedule and fewer demands.  I've loved the carefree pace and enjoy the effortless fun in my children.

I'm thankful for the peace and joy and time to treasure good things.  But change is on the horizon.  School begins in two weeks.  We will have a new childcare routine and change always takes some adjustment time. 

Do you take time to enjoy when things are going well? Sometimes I pre-stress about upcoming events which I don't need to take on yet.  Let's remember the good!  Can you name something that makes you smile today?

My children are camping with their Dad, so I'm enjoying a clean house that stays clean for a few days!


  1. Not hearing any bad news from one of my children makes me smile. That's kind of sad in itself! I hope you continue in your happy place for a long, long time!!!!!

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  3. I am so happy for you. Reading your blog right from the start I feel like I have been part of the journey :))